From Family Bonding to a Thriving Business: The Story of Deslize's Founders

From Family Bonding to a Thriving Business: The Story of Deslize's Founders

Benoît was an avid skateboarder in his youth and he passed on his passion for the sport to his two sons, Maximilien and Arsène. Together, the three of them would spend countless hours riding their boards, pushing each other to new heights and challenging themselves to try new tricks. It was a bond that brought them closer together as a family and sparked a dream in Maximilien's mind.

Maximilien was a talented surfer and he had been competing in the Portugal national championship for several years. But he was frustrated with the constant need for sponsorship and the limitations it placed on his creativity and freedom. He had a vision for a brand that would embody the spirit of extreme sports - the grit, determination, and sense of adventure.

With his father's encouragement and support, Maximilien began to work on a business plan and a marketing strategy. Benoît, with his experience in business and marketing, helped Maximilien to fine-tune his ideas and bring them to life. Together, they came up with the name Deslize, which means "glide" in Portuguese.

The trio worked tirelessly to create a brand that reflected their shared passion for extreme sports. They designed high-quality, durable garments that could withstand the demands of skateboarding and surfing, while also incorporating bold designs that showcased the spirit of these sports. They also prioritized sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and production methods whenever possible.

Their hard work paid off and Deslize quickly gained a following among surfers and skaters alike. People loved the quality and durability of the products, as well as the unique designs that reflected the founders' passion and creativity. And for Maximilien, it was a dream come true - he was able to compete in the national championship without being beholden to sponsors and he had created a brand that embodied everything he loved about extreme sports.

Today, Deslize continues to thrive, driven by the shared passion and vision of its founders. And for Benoît, Maximilien, and Arsène, it's more than just a business - it's a bond that brings them together and inspires them to pursue their dreams.

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